January 28, 2009

Gonjeng2@ PD

Last week was fun....went to PD and help a few friends with their program. And i found some familiar faces. Faces that i haven't meet for a verryyyy long time. It was Shah and Sam who used to be my kelik in the DTN Team. Nothing much change with them....just like the same old Shah and Sam hehehee....cuma Sam nampak dah chubby sket hahaha....

~~Shah, me and Sam~~

After a day stuck in the hall, i went out with all the urusetia and gi gonjeng2...hehehe...at the beach of Teluk Kemang. It was fun coz u wouldn't found it as usuall as it was not weekend! hehe.....soooo sunyi and quite tenang laa....for brain realese.

~~SunSet in Teluk Kemang....nice one ehh...~~

Teman2 gonjeng...aida n Kak Gee...yg lain dah start merayap gi tepian laut hehehe

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