December 4, 2008

Stratans Goin Wild in JB...!!!

All stratans around peninsular Malaysia gathered together in JB from 30th November until 2nd of Dec for the sake of what we've called strata developement a.k.a multi-layer building (my ex boss love to use this word). The 'gathering' was fine and some decisions have been made (thank GOD!!!!!)....all stratans have give their ideas, some are making havoc and some just come and sit and listen and the best thing is some didn't even come!!! I personally would like to congrats all my 'kelik' for their contribution towards sustainable development...err....i mean towards a better life in strata scheme. Of coz there are 'loop holes' or kurang here and there...tapi ok la....ngeh...ngeh...ngeh...

Strata Putrajayans

Stratans Goin Back To Kolompo

Up we go......the end.

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timoat said...

omigod!!!aku cam ngandung dlm itu gambar....