June 11, 2009

Ronaldo join the Galacticos!!!! OMG

Shocked? YES....Surprised? ermmm...not so. Are u crazy? Nope. Because i've heard the rumoured before but why did i terkuzut? Coz i never thought he dare to leave United. Ermmm.....he begins his glorious career with Man United. Win the treble wit The Devils, wat else? Honoured as Player of The Year while playing with ...The Devils...(again). Wat else did he want in his life?

He's young and orang melayu cakap tengah darah panas lagi (betul ker perumpamaan ni?). Maybe he wants something new, new club, new environment and of coz the'll be more excitements and advantures to come. But as The Red Devils' fan....it's hard to let go a very (damn) good player like him. YES...he's might be a bad boys in the club but that's his personal life maa....i just love the way he played in the pitch (well the wonder 7s are cursed to be good hehee...just like Beckham, Cantona and Best).



need no introduction....DAVID BECKHAM
Ok....i hope that the next owner of the cursed No.7 will bring another great era for the Devils and yet another excitement in the game. GLORY-GLORY MAN UNITED!!!!

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